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The IGC (International Gurman Club) originated in 1987 as a social organisation uniting friends of good food and drink. Today it is a highly prestigious professional company with activities the world over. It is a member of the IGC GROUP. Its activities are services in the area of the food industry and gastronomy segmented into the Catering, Restaurant Operations, Advertising and Food Industry Interior Divisions. It is engaged in advertising for Czech food industry producers, the promotion and popularisation of Czech cuisine (including arranging “Czech Cuisine Days” a part of the official promotion of the Czech Republic all over the world). It realised the half-year operations of the Czech restaurant in the Czech national pavilion at the AICHI World EXPO in Japan. As part of the support of the sale of domestic products it is engaged in the application of Czech agricultural-food industry materials in other cuisines, the creation of new gastronomic recipes and the organisation of professional and lay tastings. In addition to this, it runs a wide variety of short-term and long-term restaurant operations.